Partum Software Private limited

About Us

We are specialized in designing and implementing standard and customized business packages, beside our product development team keeps improving and perfecting the existing features, and also implementing new capabilities, based on user’s suggestions. Our users are enjoying unequaled simplicity. Maintain your business compliant with the most professional managerial and auditing standards our dedicated customer support team constantly assisting our users in all respects training implementation, upgrading. Assistance is provided over phone Hot line, through on-site intervention and email support. Past actions help us to make future decisions. Hence it would be really useful if details from previous business transactions could be recalled. This software makes available instant reports of transactions from any angle. The software is free of any limitation. Multiple companies, Counters, Accounting Year, Suppliers etc can be used. We update our software regularly. So that you will have the advantage of working on the latest version with the most modern technologies and options.