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Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software, This name is enough to describe the software package for large-level stock, as it comes with GST Council norms. GST Billing, auto-upload of E-way invoices, E-bills, GSTR reports, and a lot more in GSTR-related reviews to the GST Portal in JSON, Excel record layout. We have been leading and experts in business account ERP and inventory software. In addition to the Day Book, Ledger Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Trust Purpose Income and Expense Account, the Ledger Group-wide Summary Report, the Account Ledger-wide Detailed Report, and the Trial Balance for Income Tax Filing based on the current financial year.


  • GST Sales & Purchase
  • Sales Return & Purchase Return
  • Delivery Chalan (DC) & DC Return
  • Sales Order & Purchase Order
  • Quotation
  • Voucher (Payment, Recipt, Contra, Dr Note, Cr Note, Journal etc…)
  • Stock adjustment & Godown maintenance


  • Day Book
  • Ledger Reports
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • GST Reports

What makes us different?

Our Inventory Expert’s GST BILLING SOFTWARE has been helpful to every business billing experience through making it easy, flexible, and comfortable for sales orders, quotations, delivery slips, estimate bills, and their conversion to GST billing, e-way billing, e-invoices, and account tax billing, including normal billing with your style requirement, bill model, or format details. Also, more than 3000 bill models are available in the Inventory software with varying styles. We are using different technology logic to fulfill future technology competition.

All job workers, service providers, manufacturers, traders, agencies, distributors, and stockists can fulfill their billing system through the Inventory Management Software package. GST Billing Software is integrated with Stock and Accounts. You can control your spare stores, warehouses, and godown stock through our inventory software by using sales, sales return, delivery slip, delivery return, inward purchase, purchase return, manufacturing, item conversion, BOM, job work, outwork, and stock adjustment.


PARTUM SOFTWARE is compatible with different types of bar code and QR code printers and scanners to print and scan any size of tag, label, or sticker. The BAR CODE / QR CODE system is used to SPEED BILLING. Bar Code Software is flexible to Quick Bill Print through Multi-Aspect Customer Privilege Card Scan with Customer Points, Auto Load Default Item Quantity, Item Add/Modify/Delete at Any Row, Multi Receipt (Cash, Debit-Credit Card, UPI) in Billing.

Special Features in Inventory Management Software

  • Point of sales (POS)
  • Sales man & Rep wise analysis & commission report
  • Maintain batch wise stock (auto & manual)
  • Barcode generation (auto & manual)
  • Batch wise rate maintenance
  • Maintain a different MRP with the same barcode & stock.
  • Warning options (negative stock, credit limits, below cost etc…)
  • Multiple barcodes are maintained for a single product
  • Maintain multiple counters
  • Reminder options (auto & manual)
  • Cost calculations
  • User login reports & historical details
  • Maintain multi-commission options
  • Margin maintenance
  • E-way bill options
  • User-wise control
  • Tracking pending reports
  • Multiple units are maintained for a single product
  • Cheque maintenance


Inventory Management Software has a lot of Management Information System reportsĀ for purchase and sales analysis purposes. It helps you reduce your manpower, time, and expenses. You can analyze the unbelievable profit report of sales for bill-wise, item-wise (product), brand-wise, group-wise, model-wise and supplier-wise. Reminder reports are very essential to every businessman in the digital age. The Reminder message report will be delivered to you via email or SMS.


The outstanding BILL TO BILL of Inventory Management Software Receivables and Payables Pending Bills and Completed Bills Reports are available for customer-wise, agent-wise, supplier-wise, area-wise, line-wise, vehicle-wise, and sales representative-wise, with due-day ageing analysis and interest auto-calculation on pending days. The webAPI SMS has been integrated to send SMS to customers with relevant details.

Addon Packages

  • Maintain workshop
  • Maintain production and jobworks
  • Maintain KOT (Kitchen order token)
  • Maintain rental concepts
  • Maintain milk procured

Key Features in Inventory Management Software

  • SMS integration
  • Weight machine attachment
  • Barcode integration
  • Dashboard option (customer customized)
  • Sales bill direct mailing option
  • Mobile application
  • Multi location working concept
  • Customized bill formats.