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Looking for a better way to manage your school? Try Partum softwares, the ultimate school management software! Learn about it here.

Schools need comprehensive and reliable software solutions to effectively manage and organize their school operations. That’s why Partum Softwares provides feature-rich school management software that can help streamline student information, attendance, grading, class scheduling, and more.

School management software

Here’s what makes us stand out:

Partum Softwares stands out because our school management software is user-friendly, efficient, and provides a wide range of features to suit schools of any size. Plus, we offer unlimited technical support and provide customizable solutions to fit each school’s unique requirements. This makes them the perfect choice for any school looking for reliable and comprehensive school management software.

With Partum Software’s Education Management Software, you can easily track and manage student information such as admissions, schedules and assignments, progress, financial aid and scholarships, attendance, class rosters, and more. There is also the capability to set up grade book management tools that help you monitor performance across all curriculum subjects. The software offers real-time notifications on data entries, integrates with existing school systems for easy upload of data files in various formats, and even offers easy access on-the-go through its cloud-based storage.

User Interface Overview:

Partum Software’s education management software features an intuitive user interface, allowing users to navigate and manipulate data quickly and easily. This graphical user interface is fully customizable, so school staff can tailor the software to best suit their workflow needs. It also includes a variety of helpful wizards that help guide users through the process of entering new data into the system or managing existing records.

Our user interface is based on the idea of “actionable cards”, which mean users can perform multiple actions on the same screen, such as viewing and editing existing records, creating new records, or deleting existing data. Users have complete control over how they access and interact with their school data, as all features are easily accessed from the main dashboard, giving them quick access to their school’s most important information. This intuitive user interface also includes dynamic drag-and-drop widgets that allow users to quickly arrange their data into meaningful categories for easy reference.

Customizable Interfaces, Reports and Forms:

Partum Softwares provides fully customizable interfaces, reports, and forms to fit the exact needs of any school. Schools can even create their own custom modules to take advantage of all the features the software has to offer. This allows schools to save time on tedious tasks like attendance tracking, admissions processing, report generation, and more. Plus, the user-friendly interface allows administrators and staff members to quickly learn how to use all the features the software offers.

Special Features in Our Education Billing Software:

Partum Software’s education management software offers a wealth of features and benefits to help you improve the effectiveness of your school and institution. With instant access to student records, attendance tracking, and budget tracking, you can quickly and easily keep track of what matters most. Additionally, our school management software is designed to help automate manual processes and streamline administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time to focus on other tasks that can improve student learning outcomes.

  • Admission entry
  • Student-detailed masters
  • Staff masters (teaching and non-teaching)
  • Exam mark analysis
  • Fees for posting (tuition fees, book fees, van fees, mess fees, etc.)
  • Multiple fee posting methods
  • Fees pending reports
  • Student analysis
  • Pay list
  • Hostel management and analysis
  • School bus maintenance
  • Bus tracking
  • Fees collection reports (fees- and student-wise, class-wise)
  • Student attendance report
  • Daily statement
  • Library management system
  • Book stock maintenance
  • Barcode option
  • TC issue
  • Old student record maintenance
  • Customized receipt printing options
  • Homework sent through SMS
  • SMS options
  • sent an SMS for an absent student
  • TC printing options
  • Tally integration
  • Multi-location working concept
  • Mobile application
  • User controls

Our education management software also offers tools to help analyze student performance and other key metrics, create custom reports, and quickly organize classroom activities. The software also integrates with popular media streaming services, allowing teachers to easily share resources and collaborate while still keeping student privacy secure. With a user-friendly interface, powerful security features built in, and a host of innovative tools designed to work quickly and effectively, Partum Software’s education management software is the ideal choice for your school or institution.

Deployment and Setup Processes:

Setting up Partum Software’s school management software is simple and straightforward. The software provides an intuitive installation wizard that helps you quickly get the software setup on your system. Furthermore, the cloud platform makes it easy to collaborate with other users in your network, enabling you to access data securely from any device or location.

With Partum Software’s education management software, you get tools for tracking student performance, creating assessments and surveys, monitoring online activity, providing support to both students and teachers, and much more. The software also provides an in-depth analytics dashboard that helps you get real-time insights into relevant student data. Additionally, our school management software has a suite of integrated resources that provide helpful guidance on curriculum planning as well as best practices for student engagement. All of these features help streamline your administrative duties so you can focus on improving education outcomes for your organization.


We will discuss how our School Management Software can help businesses simplify operations, improve productivity, and boost profitability. With Partum Softwares, you can manage your school operations more efficiently and drive growth.

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