Partum Software Private limited

Our billing and invoicing software automates and streamlines your billing and invoicing processes, enabling you to choose different billing methods and custom invoicing templates. OneBill supports various billing models, such as one-time billing, recurring billing, subscription billing, usage-based billing, hybrid billing, and dynamic billing models. You can also add other billing items in the invoice, such as discounts, run-time charges, and taxes. It is a fully-integrated enterprise application that helps you scale and automate billing operations and ensure revenue tracking accuracy. It enables you to efficiently calculate product usage, apply the relevant charges, develop and manage invoicing, send payment reminders, facilitate online payments, and track and categorize revenue for accounting and reporting purposes. Organizations from small to large businesses can make use of inventory management to track their flow of goods. There are numerous inventory management techniques, and using the right one can lead to providing the correct goods at the correct amount, place and time.


  • You maintain stock based on stock report
  • Based on sales/purchase report you monitor you business
  • We provide more different format reports and graph for analysis your business
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  • Maintain your profile password
  • You can find shortcut key info.
  • Log off and about software on this part
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  • Customized bill A4 size, 3 inch, 4inch.
  • Beautiful invoices with your logo


Auto Spare Parts Billing
CRM Software
Car sales / services Billing
Room Reservation Software
Super market Billing
Jewellery Billing
Restaurant Billing
Mobile Shops Billing
Medical Shop Billing
Spa & Saloons Billing
Payment Management Billing
Fancy Store Billing

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